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it’s actually real and EVEN BETTER he wants to do it on the condition that he gets an awesome death onscreen

Why do I like Daniel Radcliffe so much. 

I usually hate British actors on the virtue of being british myself and hearing americans cream themselves over them on the basis of …accent? Idk half the time. Shite reason I know.

But dammit Dan. You fun. You very fun.

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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here

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Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant…

I’m INTJ. 4 separate tests have confirmed it to my slight horror. (Yes, the utterly terrifying personality type)

Basically I am a goddamn supervillain if you hate me, and that shadowy friend in the background if you like me.


Pointed out by @kona081 on Twitter.

It’ll be a different art style. Some think it’s a Hosoda-alike which could turn out that this is a short movie project. But it’s obvious looking at agumon that they’re using the lankier style.

Or a completely new one. I’m inclined to agree they look like they’re going with Hosoda’s style just looking at the feet.

Something that was attributed to every digimon episode except for the movies. Large feet and hands. In the movies, much smaller. Observe the lil’ feet on the silhouette. 

I’m suspending expectations until the art style is revealed personally.

But damn Taichi. You tall.

ajora asked:

2, 22, 27?
  1. Favorite(s) digimon?
    Like anyone is entirely surprised.

  2. Villain you love the most?
    <Insert paragraphs of explanations here> But really as far as set up and overall effectiveness I think Lucemon probably has most beat.

  3. Least favorite season?
    Errr That young hunters…thing. I know it’s a cop out but it’s just how it sits with me.
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