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Non-applicable to most of you.

Look I’m just throwing this out here, if I see you painting brush strokes on any ‘group of people’ and claiming you know they’re all ‘scum’ because of the actions of a few…

I’m unfollowing. End of discussion. I am on tumblr for fun, to escape the weight of the expectations waiting for me outside. This place is certainly not my life, but I need a break from that part of it now and then and anyone doing this is just not going to be welcomed on my pages.

That is my stance on this, as an individual.

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I can’t believe it’s already been so long, but this fight drove me nuts, I hadn’t had such an anyurism over a raid encounter in WoW since we tried to do Naxxramas 25 without deaths (carrying alot of derps in early wrath that achievement was a pill)

But fuck you spine of deathwing, you are an ugly stain on my raiding career, you made me get angry at people.

Boy Paragon make it look so much more epic than it really was.


A tour of the British Isles in accents: for those who would be tempted to mention “A British accent” and leave it at that.

…Smart to remember, too, that all these regions will have microregional variants. The Dublin accent referenced here, for example, is only one of at least five or six that I can identify, and I bet there are a lot more I’ve never heard or can’t tell from one another. Ditto for other regions in Ireland. The “Irish accent” as normally heard in US TV and film until quite recently has never been much more than an overstated, artficial “Dublin Stage” accent.

Equally, what most people in the US think of as “the British accent” beloved of movie villains everywhere is usually the so-called Received Pronunciation or RP, a kind of by-blow of the BBC’s refusal for a long time to allow its announcers to use anything but an approved version of the Home Counties “posh” accent. (This dialectic “glass wall” has finally started cracking in the last decade.)

And I had to get the boring English-Villain accent.

The others call it ‘posh wanker’. As far as I am aware.

My dad has a bit of a Scottish skip to his voice but I’m dull as shit.

I’d never take offence to you just saying ‘a british accent’ though, visiting and even knowing more than one is admirable, I’d never vacation here! It’s a rainy, gray isle, of dullards. I have no idea why the rest of Europe and Scandinavia kept invading/trying to invade.

Probably had a game going on of who could do it the most times and for how long.

The only faux pas you should never ever make though is calling a Scot an Irishman.They WILL punch you.

Anything else you’ll be pardoned for.

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